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Natural Candles handmade in the UK using Beeswax, Soy Wax, Rapeseed Wax & Organic Wax


A pack of glue dots for fixing wick/sustainer to tealight cups (maxi or standard).


Ready-to-use blended beeswax block for making your own 'Wraps'

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L40mm length attached sustainer - 100

Primed Wick Blanks TCR-24/14 x 100
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General candle safety label 50mm x 120mm on waterproof clear acrylic x 50

Safety Label - Candle
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Card based presentation box holds 12 standard tealights x 10

Tealight Presentation Box - Card (holds 12)
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L40mm length, pre-primed & attached sustainer - 100

Primed Wick Blanks TCR 27/16 MAXI x 100
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Tealight Candles, Container Candles

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This is a new and innovative GREEN BIO LAMP OIL which has been developed and produced by a Danish company, AGOWA, who through their vision have created a new type of lamp oil with an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible approach to the marketplace. This innovative oil type will contribute to solving the global health problems that are currently the result of the widespread use of conventional petrochemical lamp oils.

The vegetable lamp oil is produced from vegetable oil constituents. Through various processes the product is purified of unwanted substances to ensure the right viscosity. The raw materials have been carefully chosen to ensure that the vegetable lamp oil eliminates the risk of death by accidental ingestion.

Conventional lamp oil on the market is based on petroleum and crude oil which emits harmful, airborne particles.

The innovative lamp oil from Agowa is a non-toxic, and thereby a safe, alternative to the problematic conventional products. The lamp oil fully complies with new market regulations, and solves the issue of dangerous toxicity associated with conventional lamp oil.

Agowa's vegetable lamp oil is also produced exclusively from recycled resources, and is a partially CO2-neutral product.

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Workshop and Showroom

All the candles are poured at the workshop in Petersfield where there is also a showroom. You are more than welcome to pop-in for a browse or a chat to discuss any individual requirements you may have. Open hours are 9am-2pm weekdays and 10am-12 noon Saturday (may vary).

Online Shop

The majority of the products produced at the workshop are available through the on-line shop. The shopping process is straightforward - you browse, add your favourites to the basket, checkout and your order is prepared and dispatched. We accept payment using your favourite card.

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