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Thanks to everyone who have messaged and posted their good wishes since my last news feed.

I closed the shop specifically because I wanted to both reduce the risk of potentially getting or passing on the virus. I am in the fortunate position of being able to travel to and from the workshop, spending the day casting without necessarily coming into contact with anyone.  Also, it seems, at least here, that everyone is heeding the advice and staying away from the public areas where and when possible.

There have been a number of customers contact me, wanting to continue using their natural candles and, asking when I might be able to open again. This, of course, I can't answer in the current climate. However, I am considerng opening the (web) shop on the basis that I can make a postal run once a week (probably Tuesday) to fully minimise any direct contact i.e. accumulate orders received throughout the week and dispatch every Tuesday. I do not have to come into close contact with anyone and the town has been virtually empty at the times I would be going there. It's a possble solution that could resolve the issues? Interested to hear any comments you may have. Otherwise I will continue to keep making the candles and building things here until the light shines a bit brighter from the end of the tunnel!!

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