New Moulds

I am in the process of changing over the moulds I use which will have an slight effect on the dimensions of certain candles.

I have decided to move over the moulds I use to my own designs in the majority of the (beeswax) candles I make. This will take some time to fully complete but will mean I will eventually have the style and type of candles I want. Any changes to the candles will be highlighted in the product information which accompanies the other details on the website. Where there are changes that effect the weight, size and burn time of the candles, I will adjust the prices accordingly to reflect this.

The latest change about to happen will be with the 'Small Church Pillar Candles' where the diameter has slightly reduced and the height fractionally increased. The overall weight is lower and the prices are now lower accordingly.

Will keep you posted as normal as things happen..


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