Green Bio Lamp Oil - 1 litre

Green Bio Lamp Oil - 1 litre

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An innovative Green Bio Lamp Oil - NEW 1 litre bottle

This is a wonderfully new and innovative GREEN BIO LAMP OIL which has been developed and produced in Denmark by a company who through their vision have created a new type of lamp oil with an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible approach to the marketplace. This innovative oil type will contribute to solving the global health problems that are currently the result of the widespread use of conventional petrochemical lamp oils.

The vegetable lamp oil is produced from vegetable oil constituents. Through various processes the product is purified of unwanted substances to ensure the right viscosity. The raw materials have been carefully chosen to ensure that the vegetable lamp oil eliminates the risk of death by accidental ingestion.

Conventional lamp oil on the market is based on petroleum and crude oil which is extremely toxic when/if ingested, and also emits harmful, airborne particles.

The innovative lamp oil is non-toxic, and thereby a safe, alternative to the problematic conventional products. The lamp oil fully complies with new market regulations, and solves the issue of dangerous toxicity associated with conventional lamp oil.

The vegetable lamp oil is also produced exclusively from recycled resources, and is a partially CO2-neutral product.


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