About Rapeseed Wax

Rapeseed is a completely natural and sustainable material. It has superior ‘green credentials’ with no issues of intensive farming, deforestation or GMO presence. It has been grown in the UK & Europe for hundreds of years as animal feed and as a 'waste' crop to protect and improve soil for future crops.

It is available as a renewable wax refined in the UK from non-genetically modified rapeseed grown here and in Europe. It is made from the rapeseed oil, contains no hazardous ingredients and is not harmful to the environment. On the contrary, Rapeseed helps and protects the soil for future crops whilst the plant produces oil and animal feed.

The wax is non hazardous to humans and wildlife and has a smaller carbon footprint than, say, soy wax as it is grown, and processed, nearer to home.

This wax is the latest addition to the candle mediums available at Candle Cavern and the range of rapeseed candles available should progressively grow in the future. As a wax medium, it develops and continues the stance at the Candle Cavern of producing high quality pure natural candles. It must be close to one of the most environmentally friendliest candle waxes you can use due to it source, sustainability, renewability and low carbon footprint.

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