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As a general observation, there has always seemed to be a distinct lack of choice when it comes to candle-making supplies (including packaging) in the UK. This has been frustrating especially when you are able to view and compare the options available in places such as USA.

The opportunity of choice is quite restricted and limited which is something we are conscious of and encouraged to try and change.

The tealight cups we have available are imported from a company in USA called Auralites. They are bought in bulk in order to secure the best possible price and many are used for Candle Cavern candles with the excess offered to purchase via the website. This allows us to buy and offer on at a competitive price. We also currently stock the clear maxi tealight cups. 

Over the years we have built up a strong relationship with the company and will endeavour to widen the product range offered by them. At the moment they have the tealight cups in clear polycarbonate as well as a range of different colours. Polycarbonate votive holders have been an option over recent years. The company are currently looking at developing a clear cup which can be filled with scented wax and placed directly into an oil/wax burner reservoir simplifying the ability to change over scents. In addition they are considering a range of clear polycarbonate candle lids with a ‘press-down’ style seal which can be used on a range of popular candle jars/containers. We will keep any new products developments advised through the website news feed.

Presenting tealights has been a particular area of limited choice and one which we have tried to build on. The clear presentation boxes (holding six tealights) we have are made especially for Candle Cavern and in the UK. This clear-box style is also available in different sizes including one to fit a set of three candle tins (64mm x 49mm x 196mm – to fit the popular 64 mm diameter candle tins x 45mm high & allowing for lids). There will be a possible 12 (tealight) cup brown ‘Kraft’ style card box available in the future allowing for full and easy recyclability. Also, a presentation box similar to the standard clear tealight box designed for maxi cups (holding four) should be available soon.

As all candle-makers will know, wicking is a very important and crucial element of what we do. It is a subjective area and different makers have different preferences. We are eager to offer a choice to give you alternatives for consideration and, again, hope to develop this area.

The aim is to have a growing range for candle-makers with the endeavour to try and get the items made here in the UK where possible. We appreciate the range is limited but if you have any suggestions which would appeal to the wider audience then please let us know.

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