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My name is David Spandley and I (formally) set up the Candle Cavern in November 2009. The main aim was to establish a resource for those wanting to buy natural candles and made in the UK. The business has evolved into a source for handmade candles mainly from Beeswax, Soy and Rapeseed wax and I now enjoy a wide ranging customer base spreading around the world. Many customers return with repeat orders and I always appreciate this and treat it as an acknowledgement that I am able to provide quality handmade candles at a reasonable and affordable price.

Many of the candles bought in the UK today are imported from the different corners of the world and this is due mainly to the fact that we do not make nearly enough here (UK) to satisfy that demand.  It would be nice to see chandlers here in the UK endeavour to provide the supply although a recognition from the public to buy 'locally' is also an important requirement.

Benefits For You

The natural candles I make offer an opportunity to enjoy, save money (you can turn the electricity off!) and purify the air (with beeswax).

I recently watched an interview with someone who, like myself, strongly believes in the what they do and what they make. Not only a passion for the candles produced but also for what they stand for. He came out with the term;

"You breathe what you burn"

I couldn't encapsulate this any better in one phrase. Please look at what candles you burn and consider what you are putting into the environment that you (and others !!) use them in.

Thanks for looking through my website and I hope you find something of interest here.

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