Certified ORGANIC Wax Tealights - 2 x 12

Certified ORGANIC Wax Tealights - 2 x 12

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24 unscented/uncoloured standard Certified Organic Wax tealights.

Natural Candles using 100% certified Organic Candle Wax.

The current marketplace for candles offers the consumer a daunting range of options including vegetable/animal/mineral waxes, artificial and natural scents, varying styles of wicks, intense colour options, glitter gels, embeds etc. These will all give a different experience to each of us but all provide the beauty of light. For some, however, these elements combined can be too overpowering and affect sensitivities.

The Candle Cavern has always emphasised the importance of less being more and focusing on the source of natural light as much as anything else. This is one reason we have endeavoured to provide simple and straightforward natural products.

We are delighted to offer access to a range of candles that allow you the ability to utilise a unique wax, now available, which has been developed by one of the UK’s leading natural wax suppliers and has been fully certified by the Soil Association. It is primarily aimed at those are concerned with the potential chemicals & GM crops used in their candles (waxes).

Biocere™ is an organic wax created in the UK from a blend of natural organic waxes all of which are fully certified and traceable. The factory is also certified and audited by the Soil Association.

The candles will offer a natural experience using a certified wax, unbleached wicks, recyclable/reusable cups and uncoloured/unscented. Enjoy the benefits and beauty of natural light without additives.

Biocere™ Organic Wax

Soil Association Organic


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