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Natural Candles handmade in the UK using Beeswax, Soy Wax, Rapeseed Wax & Organic Wax

All you need to refill your used tealight cups..

You have, hopefully, enjoyed the clean burning and natural experience of your tealights from Candle Cavern. The polycarbonate tealight cups left over have the ‘triangle’ recycle logo on the bottom and can be recycled however, please consider the benefits and enjoyment of refilling the cups with new wax and creating more tealights – made by your own hands and using our refill kit.

Kit includes;

1 kg Pure Soy, Rapeseed (+£2.00) OR Organic Wax (+£1.00)

Min 64 Wick Blanks for Unscented Uncoloured Tealights

Packet of Glue Dots (min 64)

Instructions & Safety Notes

Natural Wax leaflet

 The kit should have allow you to make 60-70 standard tealights.

There are a few items not included;

Additional Items Required – you will need to heat/melt the wax. For this, a double-boiler type system (Bain Marie) is best although a saucepan, trivet and smaller saucepan will achieve the same. Also, a ’pyrex’ (heat proof) style jar or similar as a pouring jug. A thermometer (ordinary kitchen/jam type will be suitable). Kitchen scales and some old newspapers in case of spillages. Calculator. Oven Gloves.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Existing Cups – Once the original tealights have finished you will need to check and make sure that the cups are able to be used again. They should have retained their (round) shape, have no splits/cracks or heat damage of any sort. If there are any signs of damage at all you should not refill them.

Tealight Refill Kit
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Workshop and Showroom

All the candles are poured at the workshop in Petersfield where there is also a showroom. You are more than welcome to pop-in for a browse or a chat to discuss any individual requirements you may have. Open hours are 9am-2pm weekdays and 10am-12 noon Saturday (may vary).

Online Shop

The majority of the products produced at the workshop are available through the on-line shop. The shopping process is straightforward - you browse, add your favourites to the basket, checkout and your order is prepared and dispatched. We accept payment using your favourite card.

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