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The Candle Cavern has recently changed to a limited company which has meant there is a new bank account and details. For those who pay by direct bank transfer please note that there are new account details to use and I can email them as required. I will also be updating and changing the website in the near future making it more customer friendly and easier to move around. A few new candles and products coming along as well !!!

New Cups

I have now received the new stock of tealight cups. I have managed to secure a more competitive price and passed this on as much as I am able in the prices. It's not huge but every little helps!!!!

I have a shipment of standard tealight cups arriving this week and should be in the shop by the weekend. I have managed to save on the purchasing this time and am hoping to pass this on in the price for the larger amounts.

Maxi Lite Wicks

I have just placed some primed wicks (40mm long and sustainer attached) into the shop for the maxi tealight cups using soy container blend. They are in packs of 100 and coated with a natural wax blend.

I am pleased to say the standard tealight cups are now back in stock.

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