Our largest pillar candle to date - 5cm diameter x 30cm long.

* Wax:

Our small pillar candle x 10


A set of 2 candles each 3.5cm diameter x 12.5cm high. Natural or White available.

* Wax:

2.75" Diameter x 19cm - Natural


1 candle 4.5cm side 7.5cm high in NATURAL or WHITE

* Wax:

One rolled beeswax candle 6-6.5cm diameter 11cm high Natural only


One beeswax candle made from rolled beeswax sheets NATURAL only


1 candle 2" diameter 14cm high in natural wax only.


A single candle 3.5cm diameter 12.5cm high - natural and white beeswax.

* Wax:

A single candle 5cm at widest point 11cm tall - natural 


2 candles 4.7cm base diameter and height - natural


3cm diameter 10.5cm high- natural 


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