Solid Beeswax Square Candle x 1

Solid Beeswax Square Candle x 1

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1 candle 4.5cm side 7.5cm high in NATURAL or WHITE

Made with British Beeswax (Natural).

A very stable and practical candle which can be lit and re-lit accordingly. The candle is 4.5cm along each side with the diagonal measurement being circa 7cm. The overall height is 7.5cm although this may slightly vary. In total, you should enjoy over 15 hours of burn time with this candle.

The candle is packaged and with full guidance & instructions.

When burning these candles I would strongly suggest you use a specialised candle plate, use one with a spike to locate and secure the candle. In case of overspill, I would suggest that you place the candle on a heat-proof and appropriate candle plate if not using a spike plate. Please note that these candles are hand made/cast and slight variations may occur with the measurements of the candle. Batches of beeswax can also vary therefore the candle ordered may have a slight colour variation to that shown in the photo.

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