Beeswax 'WRAPS' Block

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Ready-to-use blended beeswax block for making your own 'Wraps'

This is a blended block containing Beeswax, Pine Resin and Jojoba Oil which is ready to use to make your own Wraps. The blocks comes ready prepared and can be melted down to use straight away - and comes with full instructions. All you will need is the necessary fabric to make the finished wraps and a double-boiler set up. Circa 280g in weight.

The wraps are a perfect alternative to using cling-film and can offer an opportunity to reduce your dependancy on plastics.

Beeswax, on its own, is too brittle to make the wraps and the other ingredients are added for flexibility and anti-bacterial benefits.

Advice on how to look after your 'Wraps' is also included.

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