Primed Wick Blanks - BK45 x 100

Primed Wick Blanks - BK45 x 100

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L30mm wick, sustainer attached BEESWAX TEALIGHTS

These are 100 primed wicks 30mm long and attached to a standard 15mm diameter sustainer/wick tab.

These are braided flat wick made of cotton. The coating is a natural blend. The coating is currently lighter than that shown in the photograph.

I have find these successful with beeswax tealights using lighter coloured beeswax. However, due to the nature of beeswax I strongly recommend full initial testing to confirm and ensure the candles burn correctly and safely. As with all candle-making, you should test and re-test (as much as necessary) to make sure the wick is appropriate. There are many variable that can affect the wick and its burn capacity and these can make the wick act and burn quite differently. This is even more relevant with pure beeswax being a natural product. Beeswax can change its colour and other properties depending on where it comes from and what the bees are feeding/collecting. 

I have a wick blank one size smaller (BK42) if required.

This wick is also available in 'raw' lengths - please contact us for more details 

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